Howell Designs Studio



HDS Wedding Films

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Let us capture those moments for you to remember for a lifetime. 


HDS Music Videos

Bring your music to life. For some artists, this is your 1st impression on the world. Make it a last.


HDS Event Films

Birthday parties, special events, expos, and more. We cover your event from start to finish and top it off with a high-energy highlight reel.



Not only does HDS produce, film, and edit our own projects, but we're here to assist with yours as well. In need of an additional camera man, or have the idea, but no way to start or film yourself. 

HDS Commercial Films

Marketing and promotion is one of the major factors for businesses & influencers alike. Contact us for your next promo video.


Live Streaming

We live in the world of social media and live action! Let us capture your next event, special interviews, and more live in HD!


HDS Power Sessions (photography)

A photo, like videos, captures the moment and freezes it in time. Whether its fashion, event, or headshots you need we've got you covered.



Already have the footage shot? Have no idea what to do with it creatively? We edit as well. Contact us for your editing needs. We edit with both Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premier Pro.