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Power Sessions

HDS Power Session (DEPOSIT ONLY) | 05.19.18

HDS Power Session (DEPOSIT ONLY) | 05.19.18


Are you a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, artist and are in need of lifestyle photos and headshots?

Introducing HDS Power Sessions

So what are HDS Power Sessions?

These power sessions are photoshoots shared with you an 4 other bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, or artists. Twice a month we'll meet in 1 locataion from 8AM - 12PM and shoot! While you are taking your picture, the rest of the participants will either be gearing up to take theirs or changing into their next look.

Where will they take place?

Each session will be held on location in Atlanta. Each location is picked based on variety and versatility. Locations are disclosed once your deposit has been paid.


How much is the HDS Power Session & how many photos will I get?

Each session is $100. You pay 50% ($50) for the non-refundable deposit and the remaining is due on shoot day. You get 3 looks and 5+ edits. Turnaround is 5-7 business days from the shoot.



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