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My husband and I were looking for a wedding videographer that wasn’t so cookie-cutter. We’re a fun young couple and we wanted our wedding day video to reflect that. Howell Designs by far exceeded our expectations. They immediately picked up on our vision and executed it to perfection. Everyone loves our wedding video; in fact, my dad watches it every day! Their expert film and editing skills really captured the essence of our wedding and every time we watch our video it’s like we are re-living the best moment of our life! You won’t regret this investment.
— Triena D. Smith
I’ve been working with Howell Designs Studio consistently for over 2 years. Although they are an upcoming business and brand, they provide adequate customer service. They have helped me with majority of my social media needs and my brand now has a more polish look. I enjoy working with like-minded individuals who are dedicated and determined to grow their brand as much as I am dedicated in growing mine!
— Ramona O, Tall Tales by Ramona O.
I knew I wanted (needed) up my game with my brand/blog. I’d been playing around with the idea of a visual look book for awhile. I reached out to Jasmine with my idea and both Barry and Jasmine made it happen. Although it was my first video, they made me feel comfortable. I didn’t find out until afterwards that they were a young company, I mean they are definitely not novices. I loved their work so much so I hired them again. And I got another project I’m going to hire them for.
— Melodie Stewart, The Style Klazit

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