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Howell Designs Studio is a visual production company specializing in documentary-style visuals. HDS was a way for owners Barrington Howell & Jasmine Hall to combine both their passions for people and visual arts in order to help mission-driven entrepreneurs and businesses connect to their audiences through the power of video storytelling. Wearing all of the filmmaking hats, including producing, directing, filming, editing, Barrington, Jasmine & the staff at Howell Designs Studio work closely with clients to see their projects through from start to finish.At Howell Designs Studio, we take the pain out of video production. From planning to the final edit, you are in touch and in the loop on all parts of your production. 

During planning, it can be hard to get your hands & mind around a video project. During the planning stage, we translate your goals & ideas into a cohesive creative vision capable of wowing your audience and all within your budget. During production, our project manager is on set to make sure everything goes accordingly because your time is valuable. You are always in the know from day 1 as to what to expect as your product develops. Post-production is where the true magic happens. Translating your ideas into a creative vision is our specialty. We'll partner with you to deeply understand your audience so your message will resonate and spread. We strive to create & keep an efficient & collaborative environment for you throughout the entire process.



Barrington Howell Videographer Howell Designs Studio LLC

Barrington Howell

Cinematography + Editing

Jasmine Hall Project Manager Howell Designs Studio LLC

Jasmine Hall

Project Management + Editing


We meet and work with some amazing photographers and videographers in the Atlanta and NYC area! We believe in community and building networks and wanted to spotlight some of the amazing people and companies we've worked alongside!